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Welcome to Salem Preschool


 Here at Salem we believe that preschool children learn best through their play and their activities. Our curriculum provides learning experiences that are appropriate to the developmental level of each individual child.  We feel that an excellent preschool program promotes social and emotional development, large and small motor development and provides the cognitive skills necessary for later success in reading, writing, math, and science. Our teachers have designed their curriculum to teach and reinforce these essential Kindergarten readiness skills with curriculum components that include literacy, math, science, art, dramatic play, sensory, music, large group, small group, outside play, fine motor, and gross motor activities. The children are also encouraged to explore, create, ask questions, and seek their own answers.  We feel that the most important lessons children can learn while at Salem are to love school and learning, to have confidence in their own abilities and to respect and enjoy the differences of others.




Arrival and Dismissal


 Morning classes are held from 9:00-11:30 and afternoon classes from 12:30-3:00. The minutes before school are very valuable preparation time for teachers. It is important to us that our classroom is set-up thoroughly and ready to go when your child arrives. Please try to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the starting time.  Please alert teachers if anyone other than yourself will be picking up your child. Teachers will not release a child without specific authorization from a parent.  In an emergency, call our office phone (724-935-5030) or the classroom phone (724- 935-5210) to authorize the teacher to release the child to someone not on your pick-up list. 



Each child has a mailbox in the hall. Check them daily for newsletters, art projects, and any other ‘treasures’! Each teacher also has a mailbox by the class bulletin board. These should be used for return slips, notes to the teacher, etc.





Snacks and drinks are provided by parents. The school will provide the napkins and cups. Your child’s teacher will send out a monthly schedule. We always encourage healthy snack choices. If you are looking for ideas when it comes to healthy, classroom snacks we have come up with a list that we know children have enjoyed in our classrooms before. Use your imagination and try to involve your child in the selection process and preparation. It’s bound to be a fun learning experience! Drinks should consist of fruit juices and milk.

Please remember that our school is peanut and nut free.



Parents and other family members are always welcome in the classroom. Parents are also invited to attend special classroom events throughout the year. You may have a special interest or talent that you could share with your child’s class! Please speak to your child’s teacher to make arrangements. If you would just like to spend some time helping in the classroom, we would love to have you!



Classroom Behavior

Three rules guide the behavior of children and adults at Salem:
We respect the rights and differences of others. We have the right to be safe. We do not hurt others through our words or actions. We have the right to our own space, privacy, choices, and opinions.
• We play and work safely.
We do not endanger ourselves or others. We practice good hygiene.
• We take care of our environment.
We take care of our toys and clean up after ourselves. In preschool, children learn appropriate social skills to make friends, resolve conflicts, and build selfesteem. Aggressive behavior does occur, however, and can usually be handled effectively by classroom teachers. If a child's behavior is particularly disruptive or challenging, the parents and teachers will work together to decide the most effective strategies.



At Salem we rarely use time-out. It is a punishment that does not teach the child new skills to handle conflicts. Instead, teachers model the words for children that will help them to express their feelings, facilitate face-to-face conversations between angry children, and help children develop positive solutions to their problems.



Clothing – make it comfortable!

Please wear: play clothes
tennis shoes or rubber-soled shoes
hats, mittens, long pants for outdoor play

Please Avoid: “good clothes” – accidents do happen
open-toe sandals
shoes that slip off easily such as flip flops and

It is a good idea to keep a change of clothing in your child’s back pack.




Progress Reports

Parents receive progress reports twice a year. Conferences will be scheduled at those times. Together teachers and parents can set goals, discuss concerns, and plan strategies for each child’s success. You may also request a conference at any time during the year.



Field Trips

Students will have an opportunity to explore interesting places around our community by participating in class field trips. Notices of field trips will appear in the newsletters and on the classroom bulletin boards. For the safety of the children, each child must be accompanied by an adult. Transportation to and from each field trip is provided by a parent or chaperone.



Birthdays are kept low-key at school. A special treat (please avoid sugary snacks), drink, and birthday napkins or cups will make it a special day at school. Please do not bring hats, favors, or treat bags. Check your snack calendar to see what day is scheduled for your child’s birthday treat. If your child has a summer birthday a special day will be reserved for them towards the end of the school year.

Please refrain from distributing party invitations at school. The children are very astute and notice when that special envelope is not in their mailbox. This precaution is for the consideration of all our students – We want no one to feel left out. Mailing addresses are included in our class directory. If you need another, please ask. Thank You for your cooperation. 




Classroom parents plan Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine parties for the children. Special crafts, stories, games, and snacks take the place of the regular classroom activities. Sign-up lists are available from the teacher. Classes are one hour shorter on party days because 2 1/2 hours of partying has proved to be too long for most children. Check your newsletter for the times on party days.


PreSchool Board

The Preschool Board consists of 3 preschool parents, 3 Salem Church members and 3 teachers, the Preschool Director and Salem United Methodist's Pastor.  The Preschool Board makes general school policy decisions, acts as a liaison with the church, and plans fund-raising activities.



It is the mission of Salem Preschool to create an environment that not only provides for the protection and safety of our children but also for the employees and volunteers who work with them. Each family receives a 4-digit code to allow access to the school. Please do not prop open the security doors. Visitors not knowing the code can use the intercom system to be admitted.

Snow Days

To make a school closing decision we will use our best judgement for the safety of our students. For cold weather we will not delay. If we delay school we will call it a "Modified Schedule":

  • morning classes will begin at 10:00am and end at 12:00.
  • afternoon classes will begin at 1:00pm and end at 3:00.

You can check on our status in multiple ways:


Health Policy

  Do not bring your child to school if they:

  • Have a fever (your child should be fever free, without Tylenol, for 24 hours before returning to school).
  • Are beginning a cold.
  • Are coughing or sneezing (unless it is allergies).
  • Have any undiagnosed rashes or “spots”.
  • Have an eye that is red or was crusted over in the morning (unless checked by a physician).
  • Have vomited or had diarrhea that morning or the night before.


Remember that children who are sick do not have a good time at school. They will probably need to be picked up shortly after arriving!


Please notify the school whenever your child has a contagious illness.


Let’s all stay healthy by emphasizing the importance of frequent hand washing. At school we wash with soap and warm water, when we arrive, before snack, after using the bathroom and after sneezing or blowing our noses.          


Medication Policy

We recognize that parents have the primary responsibility for the health of their child. The school strongly recommends that medications be given at home. If, however, a medication must be given in school, the following procedures must be followed:


  1. 1.A physician must specify in writing the instructions for administering the medication.
  2. 2.Medication must be in its original container.
  3. 3.Students are not permitted to carry any medication.
  4. 4.All medications will be kept in a locked box.
  5. 5.Parents whose children need to have allergy medicine available in school should fill out an emergency medical form that will be posted in the classrooms.
  6. 6.Parents must sign a Hold Harmless Agreement Regarding Prescription Medication.


A complete copy of the Health Policies of the school is available from the director or your child’s teacher.


Please Read Carefully

Salem Preschool is asking your cooperation in keeping our school nut and peanut free. Each year we have seen an increase in the number of children with life-threatening peanut and nut allergies.

Please check the ingredient of all snacks, lunches and party treats you bring to school. – Thank You



 Lunch Bunch & Stay Day

Lunch Bunch and Stay Day are unique options available to you at Salem. Using the Stay Day and Lunch Bunch services, Moms can have a bit of extra time to run errands or get some things accomplished. Best of all, the kids thoroughly enjoy the chance to be with friends, use a lunch box like their older siblings, and play! Here’s how it works:



Stay Day – 11:30-3pm - Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

This is a perfect option for students who are not in school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays or for those students that have morning classes on those days. Students get to enjoy lunch and an afternoon of play with their friends. All you need to do is pack a nut free lunch!!

The cost is $18 per session.




Lunch Bunch - 11:30-12:30 Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

This option works well for students who have class Tuesday and Thursday afternoons or for those students who have morning classes and would like to extend their time at school without staying for the entire “Stay Day”. Our “Stay Day” teachers will escort them to or from their classrooms. Students get to then enjoy lunch and a bit of playtime with friends. All you need to do is pack a nut-free lunch!!
The cost is $6 dollars per session.


Registration Fee: $80.00 (Non-Refundable)

Tuition is paid quarterly*. Payments are as follows:




2 Days

3 Days

4 Days









October 1

October, November




December 1

Dec., Jan., Feb.




February 1

March, April, May

Tuition checks should be made payable to the Salem PreSchool and should be mailed to Adjusting Entries, 1352 Pittsburgh Road, Valencia, PA 16059. Do not mail checks to the Preschool. Questions about your account should be directed to Adjusting Entries at (724) 898-2370. The school requires a one month notice of withdrawal to receive a refund.

Limited, emergency funds are available for those families experiences temporary financial hardships. Click here to download an application.

*If your family needs to arrange a monthly payment plan, please see the director.